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If you are in need of a great iPod copy tool then iPodRip is for you – it’s saved me on a number of occasions..

Migrated email to google

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally had a weekend free so had time to migrate my email over to googles free “apps” service.
I have to say that google is very impressive, and the free 6GB IMAP-enabled account i’ve setup for myself will more than suit my needs.
I’ve had a couple of failed [...]

Moving on

Sadly, yesterday was my last day at Workstar – I start my new job next week.I’ll miss all the good folks I worked with, who were kind enough to buy me a pretty cool leaving pressie:

Revolutionary digital art tool unveiled

Just amazing!

Why I love Australia

Stories like this. 

Seriously addictive game

Can’t stop playing.

After the load, choose the one at the top in the middle – looks like a cannon with the numbers “3210″ in it.

His name is Nugget…

…and he is Kip’s best friend.

Bloody Cold!

I’m not sure who came up with the myth that Australia is a warm country – it was 1.7c when I got up this morning!!

Makes for a chilly commute on the scooter each day…
Update: Seems like it’s the coldest day for 21 years..
Update 2:: Australia was Colder than Antartica…

Bali Movies

Since we now have a decent internet connection, I finally got around to uploading the movies of the Kecak dance we watched in Ubud, and the scuba diving movies from Tulamben we took whilst in Bali this January.
Movies available here.

We got Broadband (finally)

I’m currently running a trial on the wireless iBurst service – I get a 100% signal inside every room of our apartment, and we will also be able to use it anywhere downtown in the city (hello to surfing at Starbucks)..