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Furniture update

We just found out our furniture will be delivered next Wed (April 7th) – finally!
Only 1 more week of sitting on the floor, sleeping on an air-mattress that keeps leaking air, and wearing the same 3 t-shirts over and over..
There were a couple of extra surprises in the deal: like the $89 “destroyal fee” for [...]

More beach fun

Yesterday Sarah and decided to do the Coogee to Bondi beach walk – a 6km/2-hour walk along the cliffs of Sydney. Along the way, we saw some pretty amazing coastline, with huge waves crashing against the cliffs, as well as walking past 4 of Sydney’s numerous beaches and through the main cemetery for the city. Pictures here

The beach

We’ve been quite busy this week, and neither of us had been out too much – so today we took off at lunchtime to the most famous beach in Australia – Bondi.
We took the 15 minute train ride to Bondi junction, then walked (after some initial confusion as to which direction the beach was) the [...]

Moveable Type XML RPC Tomfoolery

I spent this evening learning some of the methods of the Moveable Type XML RPC – I whipped up a couple of ColdFusion tags to allow me to programmatically post entries to my blog through code.
Why am I messing with this? Well apart from the geek-factor, I want to be able to post blog entries [...]

Jetski update

Just got an email from my friend Bryan – who i sold my jetski to last summer.
He’s been busy – upgrades include:
-added a new intake grate (turns WAY better and bounces less in chop)
-removed oil tank and pump (now pre-mixing gas/oil)
-added aftermarket pole spring (in pictures..makes pole lighter)
-added a longer exhaust conoe (faster off the [...]

Amusing tale

I can identify a lot with this story..

Weblog awards

Some interesting sites to visit.

Sunday in Sydney

Sarah and I decided to go to “Harry’s cafe de Wheels” this morning – supposedly the best place in Sydney for a genuine Aussie meat pie. On the way we noticed that something was starting up and that a big part of the main streets in the city had been blocked off. It turns out that [...]

Trip to Toronga Zoo

Sarah and I went to Taronga Zoo today. We left the house at around 10am, and caught the 10:45am ferry over to the North Shore. We spent the next 6 hours looking around the zoo, and still didn’t see everything! We’ll have to go back again to see the rest..
I took a bunch of pics [...]

Friday fun

My friend Monika sent me this:
Answer to the age-old question…How did I get home ???
How many times have you awakened in the morning after a hard night drinking and thought ‘How on earth did I get home?’ As hard as you try, you cannot piece together your return journey from the pub to your house.
The answer [...]