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Ubud day #3

Another hot and steamy day here in Ubud – it has just started raining a little, but this time we are armed with umbrellas!
We went to the Bali Reptile and Birds parks this morning – both very good (pictures to follow), and are on our way into town for dinner followed by seeing a show [...]

Meeting Nick from Baliblog

Last night we met with Nick from Baliblog – a website I have been following religiously for the last 6 months or so. We went to a restaurant called “Katupat” which serves traditional Indonesian food. It was a great little place, and since it was raining we took a taxi (when it rains here, it REALLY [...]

Hot day in Bali

3pm here, and it’s a HOT day here in Bali. We got up around 9:30am this morning, and went down to the breakfast area for a HUGE breakfast of rice, noodles, sausages, potatoes, bread and of course the best fresh fruit on the planet. It’s all-you-can-eat and is included in the hotel price, so it’s [...]

Arrived in Bali!

We arrived safe in Bali at around 1pm today after a painful 16-hour flight. Within 30 mins of being here, we were sitting in the pool sipping cocktails
It’s hot as hell – it’s only supposed to be 21c, but the humidity is making it feel like 40c.
I am typing this from “Internet Outpost” [...]

Photo update

I’ve finally updated the blog with all of our photos so far from England and Spain, as well as some movies from a Flamenco restaurant that we went to last night – our Christmas present from my parents. We had a lot of fun, and the food and wine was fantastic (there was just too much of it!).
We fly [...]

Spain update

It’s been a busy week.
Tue we went down to the beach front and had a quiet day with Brandy & Coffee followed by a drive around the countryside around Javea (the town where my parents live).
On Wed, we went for a drive to a place called “Guadalest” – the site of an 11th-century castle built [...]

Loving Spain

You gotta love Spain:
24 beers
1 litre of wine
3 litres of Sangria
2 litres of Sprite
Price: $9
(we actually turned down the 60c wine and went all out and bought the 90c stuff)

Ola from Sunny Spain

After a brief spell of non-internet, we are back in the “wired” world again….
The trip’s been great so far:
Mon Jan 12th, we arrived in England for a week with my sister and family – which was a lot of fun. It was damn cold though – much colder than Vancouver. We rented a car for [...]

Blogging at 35,000ft

ok, not quite – by the time this actually hits my blog i’ll be back on the ground…
The adventure begins – we have now offically left Vancouver!
I’m typing this on the plane – somewhere over North-Eastern Canada (I think – it’s dark outside so it’s hard to tell. We are going East and North, and [...]

Fun night

We went out last night for a final bash. A bunch of people came along – we met at the Yaletown Brew Pub then after a few ales moved on to the Morrissey – pictures here.
We are going out tonight to the Keg on Granville Island for our last Canadian steak dinner.
1 more day to go…!