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We are done!

FINALLY we finished moving/cleaning/painting our apartment – and today we handed over keys to our new tenents (I am now a landlord!) who were quite happy to be moving in a week early..
I also managed to get all of my business tax stuff completed (thanks Ross) and I don’t owe the government any money – [...]

Cleaning day

Today Sarah and I went over to our apartment (we are staying downtown until we move – at Sarah’s parents new place) to do out final clean. I never realized how dirty our place was – my hands are pretty messed up with various cleaning fluids, and I never want to see the inside of [...]

Moving day

We had the movers from Williams International come today. They arrived at 9:30am, and had packed up our entire kitchen by 10:30am. The larger stuff (couches etc.) took a little longer – but they left around 3pm which is pretty amazing. A really great experience, and they put us at ease by the quality of [...]

Going away party

Sarah’s parents put on a going away party for us at their new apartment. Lots of people came, and we had a great time.
It’s sad to think we won’t be seeing any of these people for quite a few years..
Pics here
6 days to go..