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Back in Sydney

I arrived back in Sydney about 9:30am sun morning after a pretty easy flight (the seat next to me was empty, so I was able to stretch out from Honolulu to Sydney) back to sunny skies and a balmy 29c.
Sarah was at the airport to meet me, and after heading home to dump my bags [...]

Last day in Canada…again..

Today is my last day in Canada for a while. I have some meetings this morning, then it’s rush-around this afternoon for some last minute shopping before getting on a plane for the 18-hour flight back to Sydney. Because of the time difference, I don’t actually arrive in Sydney until Sun morning.
It’s been a great [...]

I am Canadian

I am not a lumberjack or a fur trader,
And I don’t live in an igloo or eat blubber or own a dogsled,
And I don’t know Jimmy, Sally, or Susie from Canada,
Although I am certain they are really, really nice.
I have a Prime Minister, not a President.
I speak English and French (about 3 words), not American.
And [...]

Back in Vancouver

I’m back in Vancouver for a week – came back to take my oath of Canadian citizenship and become a “real” Canadian.
I arrived yesterday (Sat) 9am, and fly back to Sydney on Fri – so just a quick trip.
Of course, the weather here is fantastic – sunny, but cold (I’m wearing socks again – the [...]

Sydney heat

Just found out that the current temperatures are a record – it hasn’t been this hot in Sydney for 36 years.
It’s supposed to hit about 34c today, and as much as 41c tomorrow.. Luckily I’ll be on a plane back to Canada – so Sarah will have to suffer the temp by herself..
We bought a [...]

Australian credit humour

Yesterday I called up Optus to get a phone and DSL service for our new place. After speaking to them for about 15 mins (and passing a credit check which they did while I was on the phone), my phone ran out of time. I have a pay-as-you-go account from Virgin, so I called them [...]

Encounters with the native wildlife

Since we haven’t stopped since we got here – what with getting bank accounts, temp. accomodation, renting a place, tax numbers etc. etc. Sarah and I decided to take a day off and actually see some of the sites of Sydney.
We decided to go to Manly – which is a suburb a 45-minute ferry ride [...]

Housing update – we found a place!

Last time I blogged, Sarah and I were feeling pretty frustrated about the difficulty in finding somewhere to live. There were a number of places that looked good from the outside, but we hadn’t actually seen inside any yet.
The way they do property rentals here is that a property manager will set a time (usually [...]

Sydney update

It’s been a frustrating time for us here in Sydney so far. Here’s a summary of what’s happened this week:
** Mon: Arrived 8am, got to Tim’s ok. Went into town to see about getting “Tax File Numbers” (needed to work here). In the process, we went to a place in Redfern – which is pretty [...]

Photo update

I’ve finally uploaded all the photo’s I took in Bali (over 300 of them):
Pictures of Kuta – the first and last place we stayed when we went to Bali. This is the main touristy bit of Bali, hence is loud, smelly and dirty – but still lots of fun.
Pictures of Ubud – Ubud is the [...]