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Bali Movies

Since we now have a decent internet connection, I finally got around to uploading the movies of the Kecak dance we watched in Ubud, and the scuba diving movies from Tulamben we took whilst in Bali this January.
Movies available here.

We got Broadband (finally)

I’m currently running a trial on the wireless iBurst service – I get a 100% signal inside every room of our apartment, and we will also be able to use it anywhere downtown in the city (hello to surfing at Starbucks)..

Furniture update

We just found out our furniture will be delivered next Wed (April 7th) – finally!
Only 1 more week of sitting on the floor, sleeping on an air-mattress that keeps leaking air, and wearing the same 3 t-shirts over and over..
There were a couple of extra surprises in the deal: like the $89 “destroyal fee” for [...]

More beach fun

Yesterday Sarah and decided to do the Coogee to Bondi beach walk – a 6km/2-hour walk along the cliffs of Sydney. Along the way, we saw some pretty amazing coastline, with huge waves crashing against the cliffs, as well as walking past 4 of Sydney’s numerous beaches and through the main cemetery for the city. Pictures here

The beach

We’ve been quite busy this week, and neither of us had been out too much – so today we took off at lunchtime to the most famous beach in Australia – Bondi.
We took the 15 minute train ride to Bondi junction, then walked (after some initial confusion as to which direction the beach was) the [...]

Moveable Type XML RPC Tomfoolery

I spent this evening learning some of the methods of the Moveable Type XML RPC – I whipped up a couple of ColdFusion tags to allow me to programmatically post entries to my blog through code.
Why am I messing with this? Well apart from the geek-factor, I want to be able to post blog entries [...]

Jetski update

Just got an email from my friend Bryan – who i sold my jetski to last summer.
He’s been busy – upgrades include:
-added a new intake grate (turns WAY better and bounces less in chop)
-removed oil tank and pump (now pre-mixing gas/oil)
-added aftermarket pole spring (in pictures..makes pole lighter)
-added a longer exhaust conoe (faster off the [...]

Amusing tale

I can identify a lot with this story..

Weblog awards

Some interesting sites to visit.

Sunday in Sydney

Sarah and I decided to go to “Harry’s cafe de Wheels” this morning – supposedly the best place in Sydney for a genuine Aussie meat pie. On the way we noticed that something was starting up and that a big part of the main streets in the city had been blocked off. It turns out that [...]