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Trip to Toronga Zoo

Sarah and I went to Taronga Zoo today. We left the house at around 10am, and caught the 10:45am ferry over to the North Shore. We spent the next 6 hours looking around the zoo, and still didn’t see everything! We’ll have to go back again to see the rest..
I took a bunch of pics [...]

Friday fun

My friend Monika sent me this:
Answer to the age-old question…How did I get home ???
How many times have you awakened in the morning after a hard night drinking and thought ‘How on earth did I get home?’ As hard as you try, you cannot piece together your return journey from the pub to your house.
The answer [...]

Steve Balmer loves his iPod

Hehe, this is great…

Wine club

A couple of people asked about the wine club we joined – here’s their website:
(Sorry Bill – they don’t ship outside Australia – but if you want us to taste something for you let us know..)

Hot day

It got up to 39c today which is DAMN hot – I think the hottest day since we arrived.
Luckily I got up pretty early (before it got too hot) and spent the morning/early afternoon working in the library (not having furniture, this is a good alternative and the library is only a 15-min walk from [...]

A fishy day

This morning, Sarah and I went to the Sydney Fish Market. It was raining really heavily, and we both got extremely wet in the short there.
The variety of seafood available at the market was really great, with particular emphasis on crab, lobster and prawns. We also got to see some barrumindi – the famous australian delicacy.
Staying on a fishy [...]

History of Apple OS-en

If, like me, you are an Apple fan, you will find this very interesting…

A better blog

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before – but my blog entries tend to be a bit on the brief side. If you want to read a much more descriptive and detailed version of events (often with photos), make sure you read sarah’s blog as well.

RSS fun

This is cool. If you don’t know what RSS is, read this.

Rainy day

Last night we went to a Portuguese-Indian restaurant for dinner. I had a beef vindaloo and Sarah had blue-swimmer-crab curry. Both the dishes were fantastic, and since it was a BYO (”Bring Your Own”) place, we also took along a bottle of wine which kept the prices down. By chance, our friends Chris and Julie [...]