Jetski update

Just got an email from my friend Bryan – who i sold my jetski to last summer.

He’s been busy – upgrades include:

-added a new intake grate (turns WAY better and bounces less in chop)
-removed oil tank and pump (now pre-mixing gas/oil)
-added aftermarket pole spring (in pictures..makes pole lighter)
-added a longer exhaust conoe (faster off the line)
-stripped off the decals
-replaced the fuel lines (just looks cooler)
-removed the choke system and added a primer (squirts a little gas down carb
to make starts WAY easier)

Coming in the mail this week:
-stainless steel impeller (thinner blades cut water easier so spins faster)
-freestyle cone (basically makes exit nozzle smaller and forces water out
jet faster)

Later this summer:
-exhaust modification (faster off the line)
-skim the head (raises compression…more torque..faster acceleration)

Click here for pictures.

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