Moveable Type XML RPC Tomfoolery

I spent this evening learning some of the methods of the Moveable Type XML RPC – I whipped up a couple of ColdFusion tags to allow me to programmatically post entries to my blog through code.

Why am I messing with this? Well apart from the geek-factor, I want to be able to post blog entries from my phone. By emailing entries (including photos taken from my phone) to a “special” account, I will be able to post entries remotely.

After tonights hacking, I have the MT code working, so all I have to now is write the email-checking code, and then glue the two bits together, and Robert’s your mum’s brother…

Stay tuned, and get ready for many pub-based blog entries… :-)

Update: I got the email-checking code all working – I can now email myself a message with an attachment (.jpg, .gif or .png) and have it show up automatically on my blog. There are still some problems with sending photos from my phone though – it appears the MMS-format of email messages is not compatible with ColdFusion’s CFPOP tag – the message comes thru as garbage when there is an attachment.

Looks like I’ll have to hack at this a bit further..

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