The beach

We’ve been quite busy this week, and neither of us had been out too much – so today we took off at lunchtime to the most famous beach in Australia – Bondi.

We took the 15 minute train ride to Bondi junction, then walked (after some initial confusion as to which direction the beach was) the 30 minutes or so to beach.

The Bondi area was actually quite a lot nicer than I had thought it would be – less backpackers, and closer to Kits.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and a balmy 26c – so of course Sarah and I had to go and find somewhere to have a drink!

We found a nice little cafe and sat down to order some food. We asked what beers they had, and the waitress told us that they didn’t sell alcohol – but they were a BYO (”Bring Your Own”) and there was a bottle shop across the street. I ordered the food while Sarah ran across the road and bought a couple of cold beers for us (gotta keep the missus busy as they say down here)

After that, we went down to the beach and had a little paddle (we stupidly forgot to bring our swimming stuff) – no jellyfish this time :-)

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