Furniture update

We just found out our furniture will be delivered next Wed (April 7th) – finally!

Only 1 more week of sitting on the floor, sleeping on an air-mattress that keeps leaking air, and wearing the same 3 t-shirts over and over..

There were a couple of extra surprises in the deal: like the $89 “destroyal fee” for some christmas decorations (contain pine cones) and my golf shoes (mud on the bottom – they offered to “clean” them for $75, but since they only cost about that brand new I told them not to bother). Not sure why it costs $89 to throw things in the garbage, but apparantly they have to bring out a “special” vehicle…

Then there is the $225 “delivery” fee because we live above the second floor in an apartment, and it is apparantly harder to take an elevator up 7 floors than it is to carry our stuff up 2 flights of stairs (obviously they haven’t seen our stuff – I am in two minds to make them carry our couches up the first 2 flights of stairs since we’ve paid for that, then take the elevator from there…)

I’ll be sure to post some photos of the transition of our place from completely-empty to amazingly-full-of-crap.

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