Blogging at 35,000ft

ok, not quite – by the time this actually hits my blog i’ll be back on the ground…

The adventure begins – we have now offically left Vancouver!

I’m typing this on the plane – somewhere over North-Eastern Canada (I think – it’s dark outside so it’s hard to tell. We are going East and North, and have only been in the plane for a couple of hours so chances are i’m pretty close to correct).

We left Vancouver @ 6:30pm after a pretty relaxing day (thanks to Sarah’s parents getting us to the airport nice and early).

Oh yeah, there are about 15 Crystal people on the plane (small world) – including Henry Wilsenack of “Lads Week” fame – even when I decide to emmigrate to the other side of the world, I can’t get away from these people! All the crystal people are watching their own private DVD’s on their laptops (shitty Dell’s – their batteries will run out soon) – but since I am no longer one the crowd, nobody has offered to lend me a dvd :-(

We got a bit of a shock when we first got on the plane as they announced that drinks (of the alcoholic variety) were $5 each – but on checking further, it was only spirits that were not free – i’m sipping on my 4th (free) glass of wine as i type..

We just watched “Sea Biscuit” (not bad) and had pasta and chicken (what a surprise – every time i fly it’s pasta and chicken) for dinner – and Sarah is now asleep (again, no surprise there). I have the iPod cranking out tunes..

We should be landing in about 4 hours..

Mark: no sign of spiders yet.

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