Ola from Sunny Spain

After a brief spell of non-internet, we are back in the “wired” world again….

The trip’s been great so far:

Mon Jan 12th, we arrived in England for a week with my sister and family – which was a lot of fun. It was damn cold though – much colder than Vancouver. We rented a car for a couple of days and drove around the countryside and visited Notingham – home of Robin Hood – and York – home of..er… York-People. Unfortunately we didn’t make it up to Scotland to see Alan – but hopefully he will be coming to Australia sometime.

Some observations on England:

* Very good beer – I took a particular liking to “John Smiths Casket Ale”
* Cold weather – way colder than I remember
* Accents – lots of them. Some very strange.
* WAY more mobile phones than Canada – with video conferencing!
* Only 5 channels of tv, but there was always something on
* Food is expensive – average price of a pub-meal was about ?8 ($18Cdn)
* Great curry
* Lots of small, new cars that go really fast (except the one we rented of course).

7 days later, we are now in Sunny spain at my parents place. My dad just got ADSL so we are back online again – but it’s some funky usb-modem that doesn’t seem to work properly with the mac (no comments please Darryl) so I’m not able to upload any of my pictures i’ve taken so far – that probably won’t happen until we get to Australia.

Yesterday we went out for a walk down the beach – it was a little cold (around 15c) so we stopped for “Coffee and a Brandy” for only 1Euro!! (about $1USD) and we went out for dinner last night and Sarah got seafood and olives – so she’s happy again.

Today is a lot nicer – sunny and about 22c and we are heading out for a drive around the countryside in about 15 mins – lots to see here, castles etc. and there are orange trees everywhere with lots of fruit – I’ll be sure to take lots of pics..

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