Housing update – we found a place!

Last time I blogged, Sarah and I were feeling pretty frustrated about the difficulty in finding somewhere to live. There were a number of places that looked good from the outside, but we hadn’t actually seen inside any yet.

The way they do property rentals here is that a property manager will set a time (usually only 15-20 mins) on a day, and then everyone who is interested in a place has to turn up at that time and have a look round – if you are interested, you complete a rental application and (along with everyone else) you are checked out and basically it’s a crap-shoot whether you get the place if several other people have shown interested and applied for it also. If you turn up late, you miss out.

We looked at about 6 or 7 places (with at least a dozen other people each time) – most of which were pretty bad (filthy carpets, walls crumbling/marked up, filthy kitchens etc.) although they were still expensive (about $1600/month) and were feeling pretty depressed because we didn’t like any of them.

We had 1 final place left to see at 4pm – which was in the same building as some friends of Tim’s and we knew it was going to be nice – but based on our experiences earlier, we were not too hopeful that we would get it.

We met with the property manager and the place was great – clean, tidy, great building, close to the city – exactly what we were looking for. Well, the god’s must have been smiling because the property managerĀ Ross was a really nice guy, and told us on the spot that if we wanted the place, we could have it! (thank’s again Ross, if you are reading this).

Now comes the best bit:

The owner of the flat runs a brewery – and the flat comes with a fridge-full of beer for free!

Only in Australia could this happen!

Ross very kindly agreed to meet with us and sign all the paperwork, take our deposit etc. this morning (Sun), and we now have the keys and can move in any time! We are likely not going to until wed since we have paid our furnished accomodation until then, and since we won’t have any bed etc. until our stuff arrives from Canada, it makes sense to sleep here – but we are super-happy to have found such a great place so quickly.

It’s a 1-bedroom apartment (pretty small – about 550 sq/ft), with microwave, gas-range, dryer (we have to supply our own washer and fridge – which is normal here), gym, pool, parking (which we can rent out – which helps to lower the rent a bit) and a balcony with a gas-tap on it for a bar-b-q (which is fantastic since we won’t have to buy propane tanks like you do in Canada, plus natural gas is a lot cheaper, and you never run out). We are only a 5-minute walk from the city center in a neighbourhood called “Pyrmont”.

First thing on our list (after renting the largest fridge we can find for all that beer) will, of course, be getting internet working – not sure how long it will take, but i am hoping it will be up and running this week sometime since I have to start working asap and web cafe’s are a real pain.

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